Canine intraventricular pneumocephalus: a case report




Pneumocephalus is a well described disease; it is commonly diagnosed in humans, but the condition is rarely encountered in veterinary medicine. Computed tomography (CT) is the gold-standard diagnostic method for identifying this disease, and other methods (such as necropsy) are rarely described. In this report, we describe necropsy findings of a 10-month-old, mixed-breed dog with intraventricular pneumocephalus. The dog was referred to Laboratory of Animal Pathology of the Federal University of Uberlândia, Brazil, for necropsy after being diagnosed with pneumocephalus upon CT. In the examination, the brain had dilation of both lateral ventricles with empty spaces. Histopathology showed congestion and mineralization only near the lateral ventricles, leading to the diagnosis of pneumocephalus based on the macroscopic findings. The animal also showed sinusitis characterized by nasal discharge and neutrophilic infiltration of nasal sinuses. However, bacterial culture was not conclusive because of contamination of the sample. This is therefore an important report that shows necropsy findings of intraventricular pneumocephalus, which is a rare condition in dogs. By documenting the necropsy findings, we hope to help veterinary pathologists, including those with limited access to diagnostic imaging.


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